WiN Committees

Please consider volunteering & contributing to WiN by serving on a committee!

Committee chairpersons shall report to the National Council through the Vice-President. Committee Chairpersons are responsible for developing a plan of action for any assignment by the Vice-President. The plan must be in line with the mission and vision of the organization and include issues, goals, actions, person(s) responsible, dates for completion, and proposed budget for implementation. The chairperson will submit to the National Council a progress report (including a negative report if no action has been taken) on a schedule to be determined by the Vice-President. It is the duty and responsibility of the Committee Chairpersons to keep the National Council informed of all activities and recommendations within each committee.

Chairpersons of these committees shall be members of the Organization who are appointed by the President to serve a four year term, subject to approval of the National Council. The selection of committee chairs may be subject to an application process. There will be an application process for the chair of the Finance and Audit Committees. Each chairperson may select their own vice-chairperson and secretary. A committee chairperson may serve for up to two consecutive terms. Any member in good standing may volunteer to serve on any committee. Committee members will be confirmed by the President. Committee members and ad hoc committee(s) shall serve for a full year from the time of the appointment unless otherwise described.

WiN Committees

CommunicationsValerie Hartman, Co-Chair
Patty Winheim, Co-Chair
Elections & Nominations

Katrina Thompson, Co-Chair

Anne Pollok, Co-Chair
FinanceLoren Muldowney, Co-Chair
Carlee Elke, Co-Chair
ScholarshipKatrina Thompson, Co-Chair
Loren Muldowney, Co-Chair
MembershipCarlee Elke, Co-Chair
Sami Childerson, Co-Chair 

AwardsKarri Honaker, Co-Chair
April Wilson, Co-Chair
Education (Vacant) 
Historical & Archival (Vacant) 
Women's Issues (Vacant) 

WiN Subcommittees

Magazine Dee Ann Littlefield, Chair
Book ClubCarlee Elke, Co-Chair
Mollie Herget, Co-Chair 
AuditKristie McKinley, Co-Chair
Jeff Olson, Co-Chair
Fundraising & Endowment (Vacant) 
Fundraising & Endowment - Auction (Vacant) 
Recruit & Outreach (Vacant) 
Conference PlanningRhonda Holliday, Co-Chair
Cameron Clark, Co-Chair
Mentoring & Career Development (Vacant) 
Natural Resources (Vacant) 
EngineeringCarol Drungil, Chair