Valerie Hartman,


I am the Secretary for WiN. Prior to this position I was the Northern Plains Regional Representative.

In my work life I am a District Conservationist in the Center FO in Oliver County, ND. I began my career with NRCS in 1988 as a Soil Conservation Technician. I held that position for 20 years and then went into the engineering side of things as an Engineering Technician for 5 years. During that time I went back to school to qualify as a Soil Conservationist. Now that I’ve met my goal of becoming a DC I look forward to new opportunities to keep my work challenging and rewarding.  

Highlights of my career include working in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and teaching Conservation Boot Camp in Oklahoma City & Greensboro, NC. They are always looking for instructors so consider that career opportunity if you are interested!

I have been with WiN since the start of having regional reps. I believe that Our Mission of providing women with opportunities, mentoring, and training to develop into their fullest professional potential is a challenging and exciting focus that I am proud to be part of. And Our Vision of high performing, diverse, innovative and motivated female employees who transform the workplace is something all women should strive for.