WiN Previous President's Message

2017 President's Message

Spring 2017

First, I will say Thank You for allowing me to serve and lead this great organization. I am honored to serve alongside a group of intelligent, motivated, and dedicated ladies in the WiN National Council. Likewise, I am proud to serve you all and will challenge myself to make progress, take risks and continue to facilitate growth in WiN for the next year. I will also challenge you to get involved in 2017! We have several new and exciting ventures underway and in order for them to evolve and become fully successful, we need each and every one of you.

The tri-organization training in Grapevine, Texas is upon us. On March 17-18, 2017, we are partnering again with the Asian Pacific Islander Organization (APIO) and a new partner, the National Organization of Hispanic Employees (NOPHNRCSE) to bring you a training series that will include topics of Engineering, Conservation Tools, Soil Health, and Leadership. We have also partnered with NEDC to bring you several NEDC courses scheduled for March 13‑16, 2017. I encourage you to be engaged and take hold of your career. Start working on your individual development plans now in AgLearn. Set goals and forge a path that will allow you to gain the knowledge, skills and abilities to be a leader in whatever position you hold.

This year we are working on forming our WiN Book Club, and continuing our “In-it to WiN‑it” calls to provide training and opportunities for members. The “In-it to WiN-it” calls allow members to network and learn about topics of their choice. In addition, we have the WiN Scholarship that is available to any member in good standing. This is an opportunity for you to gain financial support for a training or educational opportunity that you have been wanting to do, but couldn’t afford! Your WiN board voted to increase the scholarship to $500 starting in 2017. You will also find information on the next page about some very important and exciting work WiN has been doing to provide you with training opportunities in a new NEDC Course titled “Improving Conservation Delivery for Women Landowners and Producers,” and a Barrier Assessment proposal.

Our organization is growing and the excitement is spreading! I look forward to a productive and busy 2017. Encourage everyone you know to become a member of our great organization which is paving the way for leaders in the agency.


Karri Honaker, WiN President, 2017