WiN Previous President's Message

2018 President's Message 
May 2018

WiN is really growing and becoming a strong, influential, employee organization. The strength of our organization relies on a large, diverse membership - members joining from entry level, field, area, state, centers, and outside agency employees. WiN supports all members regardless of their job titles, job series, gender, race, color, sexual orientation, national origin or religion.

WiN has many exciting, active projects that need membership support and leadership. Check out our website for more information about our projects.  WiN is as strong as its members.  I encourage all NRCS employees, retirees, and other agency employees to join and start supporting WiN’s mission and vision. By building a strong organization we can support each other and build leaders to take our agency and organization into the future. We have recently seen young adults stand up and support their passion toward living and building safer communities.  These young adults are our future and we need to listen to their concerns and engage and encourage them to be proactive in society. 

Knowledge is power!  Being a member of WiN will empower you if you get involved in WiN’s projects, suggest and offer up new projects, attend WiN conferences and recruit more members.  Strength comes in numbers and diversity.  The larger and more diverse membership we have, the more powerful and influential WiN will be.  

My mission for this year is to steer the WiN ship in a direction that continues to support WiN’s mission and vision. WiN will grow stronger through the commitment of all WiN’s members to not only think of themselves but to help raise up their fellow co-workers, family and friends. 

In today’s culture we need to help each other be successful in our careers, as well as help each other build self-confidence and leadership skills. The technologies we have now allow us to stay very connected. By staying connected we can build coalitions and solve issues before they become tragedies.

I look forward to 2018 being a fun, exciting and productive year inspiring everyone to step up and lift up yourself and your neighbors!

Katrina Thompson, 2018 WiN President