WiN Previous President's Message

2019 President's Message 
February 2019

WiN... Oh my goodness, I am now the President of the elite organization of talented women and men who have each committed a part of themselves to the promotion, education and overall betterment of Women in NRCS.

I woke up the morning after I was sworn in thinking, “How am I ever going to fill the shoes of Katrina Thompson, Past President 2018?” I pondered that thought for a moment and then a little puppy named Henry jumped up and looked me in the eye as if to say, “You got this Momma!” He is right. I got this! Do you know why? Because of all the wonderful, inspiring members of our organization. Every one of you has it! Each and every time a member is asked to help, they come through with flying colors. You ALL make this organization.  

I like to inspire people to greatness. I know each of you have a special gift. Working together with our gifts has made and will continue to make us a great organization. I am truly blessed with all of you. Thank you for being my inspiration.

I was asked right before I was sworn in what were my goals for this special year. My answer was and still is first and foremost to provide the support and direction to grow within our roles as members of WiN. There are two projects I feel I must ensure a successful completion is achieved. These are the Assessment Initiative and the Joint Training Conference. 

But you know what? WiN has talented chairs and members of the various committees that got this! My job is to encourage, support, work beside and not get in their way!

Thank you for the honor of being your President this year. I promise we will accomplish great things in 2019. I promise, “We Got This!”

Sandi Kreke, 2019 WiN President