Anne Pollok,
Treasurer of Finance

Hi, I'm Anne Pollok, born in Danville, Virginia and a longtime resident of Greensboro and Asheville, North Carolina. Though I am a current strange resident of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois since April 2019. 

I received a BS in Biology with a concentration in Environmental Studies, Geography double major from University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2007. My most rewarding work as an undergraduate was spent studying and collecting habitat and physiological data on sea turtles in coastal NC and Costa Rica. From there I worked at NRCS' East Remote Sensing Lab in Greensboro, NC as a Cartographic Tech from 2007-2019 and spent countless years there as an LGBT SEPM. I also enjoy doing committee work for Women in NRCS (WiN) and am honored to work on their NRCS Assessment Initiative. I currently work at the NRCS Illinois State Office doing HEL and Wetland Determinations.

While I have lived in NC's larger cities all my adult life, my father and brother farm soybeans and wheat in south central Virginia, where my family has had property for four generations since coming to the US. In NC, I lived with my partner (also an NRCS employee!) and 3 lovely felines, who are my life.

A proper adolescent of the early--mid 90's, I am a creature evolved from the grunge music era. My hobbies include music concerts, epistemology, and laughing. When I am more behaved, I enjoy gardening, home remodeling & construction, aquariums, taking strange photos, kayaking/canoeing, and great food and drinks. I prefer a nice Belgian Tripel. My favorite TV series are True Detective (Season 1!) and Six Feet Under. My favorite band is Radiohead and my newest hobby is noticing all my new gray hairs.  

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