Jenny Templeton
Southeast Regional Representative

The Southeast Regional Representative covers Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands 
My name is Jenny Templeton, a 12-year NRCS employee in Accomac, VA. My conservation career began as a BMP/Education Technician for the Soil & Water Conservation District in the area I grew up in western Virginia. After several years in that position, I knew that I was on the right career path, and I applied for and was hired as a Soil Conservation Technician position in Lexington, VA. Not having all of the necessary courses needed to become a Soil Conservationist, I went back to school and received my Master of Science in Agricultural and Life Sciences from Virginia Tech. I then decided to make a move and applied for and was hired as a Soil Conservationist in Accomac, VA, on the complete other side of the state.

After being a Soil Con for 9 years, I am now District Conservationist in Accomac, VA. I've been involved in several NRCS extra-curriculars throughout my career, including serving on the NEDC Instructor Cadre, participating in the agency-wide mentor program, serving in several acting details, serving on Virginia's Program Development Committee, serving on Virginia's Civil Rights Advisory Committee as Women's Special Emphasis Program Manager, participating as a member in VA's Soil Health Outreach Committee, and participating in various other committees and groups.

I began my WiN journey several years ago, when the group was just forming. I would again like to be more than just a member of WiN, and provide networking, education, and employee-development opportunities to other WiN members. As Southeast Regional Rep, I will use my past experiences, leadership and training skills, and goals for the future to provide WiN members support throughout the region.