Monica Wymer
WiN Midwest Regional Rep

The Midwest Representative covers Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

I grew up on a small dairy farm in Central Michigan. While I loved being outside and helping with chores, I knew I did not want to be a full-time farmer. I decided to attend the University of Michigan where I earned bachelor's degree in Resource Ecology and Management from the School of Natural Resources.

During an internship with our land grant university I realized that while I didn't want to be a farmer, I really enjoyed working with farmers. When I talked to an NRCS representative at a job fair, I knew that NRCS would be a perfect fit. I was hired as a GS-5 Soil Conservationist right after graduation.

I worked in several field offices as Soil Conservationist and later a District Conservationist. When I was a DC, I spent almost as much time helping my fellow employees with Toolkit, ProTracts and PRS as I did doing my own job. When the Resource Conservationist/Business Tools Coordinator job was advertised, I found another perfect fit. I have held that position for the last 15 years, and I can honestly say that I love my job enough to have turned down opportunities for advancement. 

When I'm not at work I love to read and to spend time outdoors (gardening, camping, swimming, fishing, etc). My husband and I also spend a lot of time playing chauffeur for our kids. My 9-year-old son tries to play ALL the sports. While his 7-year-old sister sticks mostly to gymnastics. In the last year the whole family has started taking Taekwondo at our local school. I'm currently a green belt. I hope to earn my black belt someday.

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