Stephanie Goglia,

Stephanie Goglia is a Natural Resource Specialist in the Easement Programs Division in headquarters providing national assistance with conservation easement programs implementation since 2016. Before coming to National Headquarters, she worked as soil and district conservationist in several locations before becoming an easement programs specialist in North Carolina. She started with NRCS in Maryland as a “WAE” employee assisting with several soil survey updates. She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland in Environmental Science and Policy and is grateful and honored to get to work with other dedicated NRCS staff, partners and landowners getting conservation on the ground. She is a new WiN member, joining in 2022, after (finally) realizing that it’s up to all of us to cultivate community – and jumped right into running for and becoming the WiN Secretary. She is passionate about all things holistic, geeking-out on health and wellness books/podcasts, reading, spending time with friends and family, and studying Italian.