Tina Jerome
Southeast Regional Representative

The Southeast Regional Representative covers Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands 

I joined NRCS in 1997 right out of college, at Clemson University, where I got my BS in Aquaculture, Fisheries and Wildlife Biology. I started as a soil conservationist in Newberry, SC then moved to Loudon, TN in 1999. I left the service in 2001 to stay home with my oldest daughter Alexandra Grace until I returned to Sumter, South Carolina and NRCS in October of 2005 with my three daughters: Alex and twins Jennifer Hope and Jessica Faith. I picked up where I left off, as a Soil Con and then got my first DC position in Calhoun County, SC in 2006. From there I became the DC on the Eastern Shore of Virginia covering Accomack and Northampton Counties for 7 years. The girls grew up there in a rural farm community of poultry, grain and loads of wildlife, especially migratory birds!

In 2014, we moved to Athens, GA, where I took on a new role as State Resource Conservationist, managing the Ecological Sciences staff, planning and the Jimmy Carter Plant Materials Center. It was here in Athens that I met my husband. Robert Hare and I married in June of 2018 and are now a family of three boys and four girls: mine- Alex, Jen and Jess and his-Wendy, Kody, Kyle and Ryan! We even blended his dogs with my cats and reptiles, truly a ZOO!!

Then on November 8th, I started my current position as the Director for the East National Technology Support Center in Greensboro. We will be relocating about half of our now blended family there during January. These new beginnings will also include becoming the WiN representative for the Southeast Region! I’m so excited for all these amazing opportunities and grateful for the career and agency I love.


Tina Jerome

Contact Tina at tina.jerome@winnrcs.org