Past President
Valerie hartman

Thank you for your interest in WiN and welcome to our WiN website.

My name is Val Hartman and I am your WiN Past President. I have been a member of WiN for over 10 years and have served as the Northern Plains Regional Representative, the WiN Secretary, and worked my way through the WiN President track. WiN has provided support for me through many changes and challenges in my career including going back to college, career opportunities, details and just one on one mentoring through trials. I am at the point in my career where I can give back through mentoring, resume review, and mock interviews, along with supporting our WiN training opportunities and information sessions. By becoming involved in WiN you can gain so much more then the time that you give, without even realizing it. I would be happy to talk through any questions you may have or share more about how WiN has helped me be the best that I can be wherever I’m at today.