2017 Grapevine, TX Leadership & Technical Training

The 2017 annual National Joint Leadership meeting, a product of collaboration between the Asian Pacific Islander Organization (APIO), The National Organization of Professional Women in NRCS (WIN), and the National Organization of Professional Hispanic NRCS Employees (NOPHNRCSE) was held March 17th and 18th in Grapevine, Texas, following a week of Mission-related training in the same location.

This unique and diverse offering of training, professional development, motivation, and mentoring was made possible through the outstanding partnership of Mr. Salvatore Salinas, Texas State Conservationist, the National Employee Development Center (NEDC), the hard work of the employee organizations, and the support and assistance of NRCS National Leadership from Headquarters and across the nation.

The 2017 program built on the success of prior collaboration, drawing twice the number of attendees as in 2016, and demonstrated the value-added benefit to considering diversity and inclusion, civil rights, and partnership components of leadership. Attendees came away with valuable tools for Agency program delivery to underserved communities, a renewed sense of purpose and engagement, and ways to translate leadership to every job title and situation.